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iolana says:

Today…today it has been raining…and there has been a flood. And it looks like it is still raining, right now!

We walked in our galoshes with Nana in the rain. I rode my bike. It is pink.
I rode FAST.

My lips were blue this morning. The pool was SO COLD. Because swim class…I went to swim. Nana dried me off with a towel. (NOTE: Here io is gnashing her teeth to show me how cold it was.)

I am wearing my hat backwards so I can go to putt-putt. Putt Putt Peter Pan!
There’s gonna be a party!!! A pirate party!

Yesterday, mom and I danced in the rain! We were laughing! We were wet!
I danced like a noodle!

Dad and Lily. What do they do? He got in the rain when he was back home.
Lily got with her dad and they are going out, I mean, they are driving. And then…they are gonna get out…and then they are going to RUN towards the door!

A song: Rain, rain go away
Come and go another day
Ring around the rosie…pocket full of posies
We all fall down…!

Ta-ta-ta-ta! DA DA DA DA DA!


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One response to “Wednesday”

  1. Gene says:

    I can’t wait for io’s first book, her first record (on harmonica), her first trip to the moon, and her first inaugural speech on the steps of the Capitol! Yay!

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