The Police

Posted on May 12, 2005 by Sara Hickman. | 1 Comment

I have filed a report with the police about recent upsetting and threatening communications I have received related to my stance on the non-smoking ordinance, which just passed in Austin.

Names and numbers have been given to the police.

Please, if you are attending one of my shows and notice anyone behaving in a way that might be deemed as threatening, please do not hesitate to alert the club owners. They will all be forewarned before my appearances.

I do not want anyone, ANYONE, upset, hurt, harmed or threatened because of my feelings about breathing in smoke while on the job.

I do NOT have a problem with anyone choosing to smoke, that is an individual right. But I will repeat: I have a problem with the fact that smoking endangers musicians, employees and clientele who are not smokers and have to breathe in second hand smoke while trying to enjoy a night out or working in a venue. This is a health issue for me. It is a health issue for all of us.

So, to the people who are upset with my right as an American to express my viewpoint, I respect that you are upset. I can understand your point of view. Please respect me as a human being, too. If you have an issue with the ordinance, there are appropriate ways you can respond with your feelings: contacting a group with the same ideaology as yourself, signing up for a recall, speaking out through the media. Let’s keep it safe for everyone.

Thank you.

One response to “The Police”

  1. Oh my lord! I can’t believe people would be this way…if you ever need a bouncer, I’m there for you! Don’t let these jerks intimidate you. It is so amazing how polarized people can get on a simple thing like having the common courtesy to not smoke around others.

    Much love,

    Big Jim in St. Louis

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