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Since 1984, Share Our Strength has led the fight against global hunger and poverty by inspiring/organizing individuals/businesses to share their strengths…

Today, SOS has a 20 year vision to end childhood hunger in America and ensure that 14 million children facing hunger have access to nutritious food in the places they live, learn, play and pray. The Art Bulls are going to raise monies for this group to help children worldwide.

The Art Bull I’ve created (mentioned a few entries back) will be touring the country alongside these celebrities: Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, Doug Savant, Angie Harmon, and famous chefs, architects, performing artists and fashion designers.

Here is the schedule of places the bulls will be shown:

Oct 24-27
Queen Sofia Spanish Institute

November 3
Design on Dragon Street Gallery Walk

November 28
River East Art Center

December 7
Jaleo Restaurant, Crystal City

January 18-19, 2007
Vanguard Properties
Mission Street Bank Building

February 1
Timothy Yarger Fine Art Gallery

February 22-25
South Beach Wine & Food Festival

I’m guessing after all the travels, the bulls will be auctioned off. I’ll find out more about that and where/when that will be happening.

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