Reality, Humor and the woes of Music Management? THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH as you wince!

Posted on June 17, 2007 by Sara Hickman. | 3 Comments

The Turtles had some of the biggest hits of the 1960’s and like many 60’s pop stars, didn’t see much of the money.

Here’s a 3 minute 40 second explanation by Flo and Eddie of how the group went through 6 managers in the course of about 4 years.

This should be required viewing by any musician thinking about signing a management contract.

Cut and paste if you gotta…it’s pretty funny…and there are visual aids to help tell the story.

3 responses to “Reality, Humor and the woes of Music Management? THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH as you wince!”

  1. todd Wolfson says:

    i saw the phlourescent leech and eddie open for “ALICE”
    (Cooper, not Coltrane) in 1973)


  2. Hi there ! Been a while since I connected with you!
    Married life has been fun, and I loved your tick story…i’ve been lucky not to have one but I remember my brother getting one and the lump in his arm.
    I have enjoyed motherlode…some wonderful songs-many thanks again.

    I am also very blessed and lucky to have survived a heart attack lasy Oct- I bought your CD to cheer me up and listened to it endlessly when recouperatin. Thankfully 3 stents later I am back at work teaching my babies (well 16-18 yr olds) and happy and healthy. I am doing all I can to be healthy. Having a heart attack at 42 was not good, and so many women die from heart disease as they are often misdiagnosed. Had I not been at the Hospital when my HA hit I would not listening to the Beautiful music you make anymore..So I thank God and all my family and friends, and of course Mark my darling husband.
    All is now good.
    I will ask as I always do- time for a visit to Sydney Australia Sara…come on..the kids would love it here too….grin)))

  3. Erik says:

    Too funny!! Will be sure to pass the link on to my band mates!