Once again, I recommend the Tanner Romania Mission!

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Hello, all!

Once again, I submit to you the Tanner Romania Mission, which I have been very honored to support financially, spiritually, and lovingingly since I can’t even remember when…the mid-90’s?

Here is an update on one of the orphans that Sandie and Bruce, the founders, have taken in as one of their own. Following is a short video clip you can watch with photos of the children.

Please, if you feel so called, donate to this amazing home for children, and/or feel free to
contact the Tanners about going over to Romania to volunteer! You will have the experience of a lifetime, I promise you.


Petrica came to us in 1999 when he was 6 yrs old. Till that time he was living at the orphanage in a crib with Constantin, one of our other boys, so the two of them really feel like brothers
but have no memory of the orphanage now, in fact they choose to believe that Bruce and Sandie are their parents! Petrica attends public school after several years of home tutoring and
is just starting 6th grade. He lives at Casa Rachel with his 10 brothers. Petie is the sweetest of all the boys, always gentle, helping others, the first to Praise and recognize the blessings from
God, a very, very special boy.

If you feel led by God to help in the raising of Petrica,
please send your donations to:

Tanner Romania Mission
Second National Bank
PO Box 130
Greenville, Ohio 45331-0130
Attention Linda J. Allread,
Customer acct dept.

Thank you and may God bless you all as He blesses our children here……
Sandie Tanner


For info on volunteering:

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