Where Music Comes to Play: The Full Arch of Spirit and Love United in A Day

Posted on September 12, 2008 by Sara Hickman. | Comments Off on Where Music Comes to Play: The Full Arch of Spirit and Love United in A Day

This morning I am doing a performance at the conference of “OUT AND EQUAL”, a group dedicated to helping gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgendered people meet with their employers in a neutral environment (the Austin Convention Center) so people can discuss what
this means for everyone involved. I’ll be bringing songs of love and unification, hope and thought…I’m wearing my new red hair and
a big smile!

And, then, tonight, I am singing for the Ladies of Charity in San Antonio and I will be wearing brightly colored church clothes, my big smile
and dining with women of Christian faith, and sharing stories and songs of laughter and the downtrodden in society; how we can make a difference in
our actions and deeds.

I see this as the symbolic arch of what music can bridge…differences in lifestyle and opinions, and I like to think that somehow what I do
unifies people across those bridges.

God bless everyone in the path of the storm, and may there be adequate shelter and provisions, comfort and safety with not one single soul
hurt or lost. I’m putting that out to the universe because I know it matters to think positive!


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