Next on my reading list!

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I just finished reading, “Don’t Sleep: There are Snakes!” and I’m almost done reading “New Moon” by Stephanie Meyers.
This sounds amazing. I’m a huge fan of Walter Mosely. Anyone read his books?

A Novel Version of Slavery

In alternate universe of ‘Blonde Roots,’ Europeans toil for black masters


In the novel “Blonde Roots,” writer Bernardine Evaristo imagines what might have happened if the ships of the triangular trade had sailed in reverse — with white “Europanes” destined for the plantations of black masters in the islands off the coast of “Amarika” and exchanged for rum and other luxury goods headed to the “United Kingdom of Great Ambossa” in “Aphrika.”
While playing hide-and-seek with her three sisters, 10-year-old Doris Scagglethorpe — the blonde, skinny daughter of a cabbage farmer — is snatched from the coast of England, chained to an iron collar, sold for a shiny kettle and two caskets of grog, and shipped to a slave market.
The daughter of a Nigerian father and white British woman, the 49-year-old Ms. Evaristo started out as an actress in the 1980s, starring in plays that she co-wrote for a production company she helped found.

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