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Newborn, Too

The ongoing love and support of my first children’s recording, “NEWBORN”, which encouraged parents to sing-a-long to their baby, inspired me to create this album of sleepy songs.

The Sara Hickman Children’s Collection

A personalized box set of Sara Hickman’s critically acclaimed children’s CDs and the “Big Bird, Little Bird” DVD.

The growing market of kids music

by Chris Parker

“This one goes out to the kids“: It’s arguably the hoariest sentiment in all of music, running alongside “Are you ready to ROCK?” Fortunately, it’s increasingly taken on a different meaning in the last several years as artists of all stripes cash in on the growing market of Read More »

Big Kid

Sara’s third album of music for children, BIG KID was named as Parents Choice Recommended 2004 and won the 2004 NAPPA Gold award!

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