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Newborn, Too

The ongoing love and support of my first children’s recording, “NEWBORN”, which encouraged parents to sing-a-long to their baby, inspired me to create this album of sleepy songs.

The growing market of kids music

by Chris Parker

“This one goes out to the kids“: It’s arguably the hoariest sentiment in all of music, running alongside “Are you ready to ROCK?” Fortunately, it’s increasingly taken on a different meaning in the last several years as artists of all stripes cash in on the growing market of Read More »

Zooglobble on “Big Bird, Little Bird”

Review: DVDs for Road Trips

Sara Hickman’s Big Bird, Little Bird is basically her Newborn CD in DVD form. From a purely production standpoint, this is probably the highest quality disk reviewed here. Simply (and stylishly) animated in form, the videos are a good match for Hickman’s warm and loving songs. Read More »


Ever want to just sing to your newborn child? That’s what this album is all about: to share the gift of song with your future.