Since she started performing at the age of seven, Sara Hickman has been embraced by both followers and critics. The Associated Press proclaims, “Seek out her albums and club shows for her melodic sense, excellent guitar playing, rich voice and mix of sunny optimism with heartache.” Hickman’s home state of Texas loves her too, naming her the “Official State Musician of Texas,” joining luminaries such as Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett.

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  • Episode 8: Juli Berwald November 9, 2018
    Why were jellyfish sent to space? How are jellyfish and pancakes related? Can jellyfish shut down electric plants? What is the G Force of a stinging cell? What are jellyfish warning humanity in their quiet, mysterious ways? With an engaging enthusiasm for jellyfish, author Juli Berwald shares answers to these questions and more on this […]
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The oldest daughter of well-known and accomplished singer/songwriter Sara Hickman, Lili grew up in a world of music, art, and wonder. She has explored the world with her travel-industry father, Austin entrepreneur Keith Waldon, and because of her unique upbringing, Lili’s experiences are reflected in her wise, unflinching perspective via her music and art.

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There’s nothing as relaxing as a weekend at the coast! The Nest of Palacios, Texas is a modern, comfy three story home, just right for a romantic getaway, a business or family retreat, or a special trip to one of the best birding spots in the United States.

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